Bomb Babylon – Nostramus

Umbrellicus Records UMB 001, CD Album

Exodus Free The Spirit Festival 1998 Special. P-Something, Perception, High Pressure Drop, Extinct Species, Bomb Babylon, Canzanola, Don't Let It Get Away. Released 1998.

Last project recorded at the 33 Studio in Luton, the old art centre's building it was housed in was condemned by the council who had other ideas about opening a brand new art centre. Had a fight against time to complete this album. The pictured issue came out as part of an 'Exodus Festival Special' to mark a Nostramus live performance at the festival. Guest include Caroline Nische, MC 13, Danny Nugent. Credits include songwriting, sound design, arranging, performance, recording, mixing and production. Recorded at the 33 Studio, Luton in 1998.