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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Steve Spon, I am known to my friends as simply ‘Spon’, I gave up a successful catering career at the age of 20 to become a musician.

Playing in local bands I gained a varied grounding in the art of songwriting, and musicianship, playing both keyboards and guitar. I joined the renowned post punk band UK Decay in 1979 playing countless live gigs around the country, and cutting records with some of the best producers of the time.

Early on I learned how to publicize and market music, running a music shop, magazine and studio, as well as playing over 500 gigs in 3 years with UK Decay.

It was my recording experiences with Crass and PJ Harvey producer, John Loder, that got me interested in studio recording so I learned my art from a master. In the 1990’s I ran the recording studio at the legendary 33 Arts Centre located in Luton, England. Many artists used my talents and with the evolution of technology, I embraced the digital revolution with the advantage of a thorough grounding in the art of analogue recording.

In 2012 I recorded guitar and alongside legendary Grammy-nominated producer Chris Tsangarides, I executive-produced UK Decay’s first album in 31 years. Titled New Hope For The Dead it was launched to critical acclaim in the UK in May and the States in September 2013 . Currently I am co-producing seminal EBM/Industrial pioneers ‘Click Click’s’ new album, ‘Those Nervous Surgeons’ and nearing the finishing stages of Ella Jo’s fourth album ‘Almost Anglo Saxon’. Both due to be released in early 2014.

The philosophy that everyone has a valid input in the fantastic human capacity to be creative, has helped me to assist people on their own journey in music. Through Music and Music Technology training courses that I provided in the 1990’s (Music courses based on John Stevens ‘Search and Reflect’) I have helped enable musicians to grow and become masters in their own art. My experience has led to me becoming a ‘Mentor’ to many a budding musician, producer and recording studio.

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