UK Decay

UK Decay at Wave Gothic Treffen, Leipzig Germany, June 2019

After a failed early career as a chef I became a guitarist and keyboard player.  In 1979 I joined UK Decay, an iconic 1970’s 1980’s Punk band which played an integral part in the early formation of the ‘Goth’ genre. UK Decay self-produced a number of singles and a couple of critically acclaimed albums touring the UK, Europe and the USA. Currently reformed and recently playing (2019) to international festivals. 

Links to my work with UK Decay

UK Decay Heritage Website:
An 2013 updated version of the legacy “UK Decay Communities” website initially created in 2003. As well as stories and memorialbillia from the early days of the band UK Decay and it’s assosiated sisterbands including Pneumania, The Statics, The Phallic Symbols, The Friction and hosts of other Luton and Home Counties bands, fanzines, gigs and other punk and D.I.Y events that were born out of the later 1970’s into the 1980’s with forums, galleries and other stories from the heady days of the punk and goth revolutions in the area.

UK Decay Merchandise and Releases.
There are legacy UK Decay T Shirts and other merchandise available for sale here

UK Decay CD’s

We have two UK Decay albums currently available on CD here

UK Decay Vinyl releases

We have a number of UK Decay vinyl releases here

UK Decay Today website

The main current UK Decay for today website is here

UK Decay at Facebook

UK Decay Communities at Facebook