Dream Nebula

New Single from Nostramus

Last week I released “Proxima Ultra”, the first track of the Alien Ear Flower Series, a project that had been shelved since 2019.
“Dream Nebula” follows, Official Release November 15th 2023. Special fans release Friday 13th October 2023, resuming this modular album.
Both tracks are released in the spirit of a double ‘A’ sided single.

The project allows each Ear Flower to unfurl with two tracks every season, when appropriate cosmic conditions allow.

“Dream Nebula” Available to buy on Bandcamp here
Apple, Spotify, Amazon and all Stream services to follow on November 15th

Nostramus creates Alien Ear Flowers to plunge the listener into deep lush, ambient music, expanding into scifi and cosmic compositions.
This rich texture of sounds, tumbling with movement, musically styled with electronic/orchestral grace and grandeur, reminds all life forms they are obligated to evolve.

In these untypical ambient encounters, Nostramus invites acknowledgment of the past where a predicted future never occurred. But Dream Nebula deals with a dream that became reality, albeit a hallucinated one.

The alchemy shaping these tracks captures engaged intellect and driving life-force, joyous in a state of liberation, propelled through Space, equipped and prepared to encounter imagined worlds and beings.
Such in-depth work requires a sense of nobility and compassion.
The journey is real, or in our dreams; either way, it exists.  

Some central questions behind Alien Ear flowers are: Is it prudent to ever pause and contemplate past mistakes?
Also, as a lived experience, what is true reality?

Remember this is an ambient vibe, look out for the hashtags before purchasing. If you are looking for ground shaking Drum and Bass this might not be your thing, these Alien Ear Flowers are profoundly ambient and immersive – sci fi noir and fantasy.

“Proxima Ultra” and “Dream Nebula” will also be available on most online streaming platforms – release dates to come!

Steve Spon October 2023

Copyright October 2023
– Mixed in immersive Binaural Sound
Concept written and produced by Steve Spon for Nostramus
Big thanks to Ella Jo for ideas, inspiration and typing
Inspired by “To Mars by A Bomb” The Orion story.

Nostramus Discography including “Dream Nebula” here

Proxima Ultra

New Single from Nostramus

New Nostramus Single out on Bandcamp Friday 6th Oct for “Bandcamp Friday”. Part One of a duo-track release. Part Two available Friday 13 October 2023.
Departing from usual Nostramus D&B flavours, this doublet of songs takes a more surreal path, with the concept of looking back into the past where predicted futures failed to materialize in Proxima Ultima. Part Two – Dream Nebula describes a dream becoming a reality albeit an hallucinated one.
Nostramus has a long tradition of embracing sci fi, blending ideas with social comment in past material, including the stunning 1997 album “Earthlights”, so this theme is set to continue with these coming releases.

Nostramus Discography including “Proxima Ultra” available at Bandcamp here

In 2019 I envisaged producing a new album I would call “Alien Ear Flowers”, but fate decreed that this album could not come to fruition at the time. However, I already began composing two tracks to open this theme and here in 2023 they have arrived, perhaps where they were meant to land, a few years into their future.

The first track, “Proxima Ultra” and the second “Dream Nebula” are now heading for release as I have decided to release both tracks together, as one would have once released a double ‘A’ sided single, a long time ago.
“Proxima Ultra” will be released Friday 6th October and the second “Dream Nebula” will be one week later on Friday 13th October (Hurrah!)

In general, my work indicates a fascination with the concept of Time, the great uncontrollable force. The planets, Proxima Centauri and Ultima are planets belonging to the nearest star system to our own and I can envisage a time in the future when we send probes there, if we survive the next hundred years or so! Maybe we would send people or AI proxies!

An earlier version of “Proxima Ultra” has existed as a demo on my website for some time and I used it as a soundtrack on a couple of my ‘Dronescaping Britain’ Youtube films. But these 2023 editions are a new crisp mix with added ambience and mood effects.

The music reflects a cosmic-type journey or how contact with our closest stellar neighbours might even sound. Remember this is an ambient vibe, look out for the hashtags before purchasing. These tracks do not represent ground shaking Drum and Bass – these tracks are more nuanced, like the background music aliens would listen to whilst visiting an interplanetary cafe, so these tracks are for seekers of a profound ambient and immersive sci fi type of experience!

Background ideas that inspired me to write Proxima Ultra:

The dream that never materialized was a concept named the Orion Project. The (genuine) idea was to send a massive ship into space, powered by atomic bombs. This ship would be able to visit the planets of the solar system and eventually fly out to the nearby solar systems, namely Proxima Centauri, situated about 4 and a quarter light years away.

The Proxima Centauri configuration is the closest system to Earth, comprising of three stars including Alpha Centauri, a red dwarf and the closest star to the Sun. As well as possible Gas Giants orbiting the stars an Earthlike planet has been detected in the habitable zone, but it is not yet known if it could harbour life.

Many have imagined voyages to the Proxima system, a journey that could take hundreds if not thousands of years by chemical rockets. An idea that gained consideration for powering this journey involved an aircraft-carrier sized object such as a multigenerational spaceship, powered by rapidly exploding atomic bombs!

The writer, Stephen Baxter has written a duology about a fictional journey to Proxima, to visit a habitable planet in that system which he called “Ultra”. My song toasts that idea, and why not?
The James Webb telescope recently focused closely on many planets or objects orbiting the three stars of Proxima, and may return with exciting results!

The Orion mission was ultimately cancelled by President Kennedy, rightfully horrified at the prospect of creating a thousand atom Bomb blasts to propel this huge ship into orbit. Thus the dreams of Freeman Dyson, the acclaimed British Physicist in charge and his enthusiastic team, ended.
Steve Spon October 2023

released October 6, 2023
– Mixed in immersive Binaural Sound
Concept written and produced by Steve Spon for Nostramus
Big thanks to Ella Jo for ideas, inspiration and typing
Inspired by “To Mars by A Bomb” The Orion story.

Nostramus Discography including “Proxima Ultra” available at Bandcamp here

Wauluds Bank

A Dazzling Relic of Luton’s Prehistoric Past

Wauluds Bank A Dazzling Relic of Luton’s Prehistoric Past

Wauluds Bank: Early Enclosure and ritual Henge Monument

Wauluds Bank is an ancient enclosure that possibly has Mesolithic origins and later became a ritual Henge Monument before becoming a settlement during the Iron Age and during the Romano British period. With some use during the Medieval Period. It is a “D” shaped enclosure with the River Lea making the straight side of the “D” shape. In the past Leagrave Marsh the area to the west of the river would have been largely impenetratable and the fact our ancestors built the enclosure around the source of the Lea probably means that it was a significantly important feature. The name “Lea” may be derived from the name of the Celtic god of light, Lugus.

Surrounding Landscape

There are further features within the Landscape in the Sundon Park playing field to the north as well as a ploughed out Neolithic Long Barrow. The linear features that are seen in the lidar images could be a continuation of the heritage recorded linear features, or they could be something like a Cursus feature.


Wauluds Bank is the very beginnings of the town of Luton with the earliest activity perhaps pushing back to 8 to 10 thousand years before present to a time when Britain was still joined to the continent of Europe via Doggerland. The nearby Icknield Way is possibly one of the oldest routeways there is crossing Britain from deep within East Anglia to the heart of Wessex an ancient trading route where our ancestors lived on the higher grounds of the Chiltern and Chalk escarpments. Just two miles to the North West at Linmere 8000 year old Mesolithic Pits have been recently discovered which are nationally significant. There is so much more within the surrounding landscape nearby to Wauluds Bank. There certainly is plenty of Roman evidence with a Pottery Kiln nearby to the Nissen Hut and possibly a large Roman House or Villa situated in front and to the south of the monument.

Other Information

The Marsh Farm House (ex Marsh Farm) is now a Youth Hub containing offices for community groups, Marsh House Recording Studio and Fidel Gastro Social Club. For the last 40 odd years it has been used for youth oriented activities. The Nissen Hut from WW2 was used as rehearsal rooms for bands and as a venue for live punk rock gigs, famously in 1979 Crass, Poison Girls and Luton’s UK Decay performed there to a packed crowd. But was has happened to it today? It seems to be fenced off. Note: the council fenced it off to prevent the danger of vandalism. There is ongoing efforts to get this space back up and running as an education facility. Apparently it was set for funding, the covid lockdowns kicked in and funding was then withdrawn. But work to get this back ontrack is ongoing (thanks Jane G) Music by Nostramus “Rise Up Wauluds” a remix of sorts with samples taken from Nostramus’s 1990s album Earthlights. Samples are from local musicians Curtis, MC 13, and Federal (Prince Malachite) all local to the area.


Wauluds Bank is a fascinating and important archaeological site with a rich history dating back thousands of years. It is clear that the area was inhabited and used by people for a variety of purposes throughout the prehistoric, Roman, and medieval periods. There is still much to learn about Wauluds Bank and its surrounding landscape. Further research and excavation would undoubtedly reveal more about the people who lived and worked in the area, and the role that Wauluds Bank played in their lives.

Finally, Why Dazzling?

Lugh, the Celtic god of light, is often referred to as the “Shining One” because he is associated with the sun and its light. The name “Lea” is thought to be derived from his name, which means that the River Lea is also associated with light. Another possible explanation for the name “Dazzling” is that the monument itself is very impressive and beautiful. It is a large, earthwork enclosure that is surrounded by a ditch and bank. The monument is also located on a hill, which gives it a commanding view of the surrounding landscape. Overall, the name “Dazzling” is a fitting description for Wauluds Bank. It is a monument that is associated with light, both in terms of its location and its potential purpose. It is also a monument that is very impressive and beautiful in its own right.


Scenery shot by drone in 4k Ultra HD with ambiosonic immersive sound. Best experienced on a large screen with Dolby Atmos.
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Amazing Cloudscapes during inversion at Dunstable Downs

Serendipity: “If by chance a lucky find” and I sure did!

Amazing Cloud Inversion at Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire.

After a rainy day, we drove from St Albans to Dunstable Downs, one of our favorite spots. The endless rain finally gave way to a spectacular cloud inversion just as the sun was setting, and we found ourselves driving up the hill into the clouds, or rather, fog!

I quickly checked Drone Assist to make sure there were no other drones or kites in the vicinity of the car park, and then set off my drone, which I call “Buzzy.” She took off into the fog at dusk, and I could see her location thanks to her strobe light.

Since the sun had already set and the fading light of dusk was upon us, I had to turn up the ISO settings to film any footage at all. But as soon as I made this change, the wonderful world view of the Downs above the cloud inversion hugging the topography revealed itself. The end result was jaw-dropping, but the image would be very grainy and noisy. I figured this was a good trade-off, but I would have to look into noise reduction utilities in post.

I had realized from the moment we drove up the hill that I was in a fading light race against time. Luckily, my mobile signal was good up there, so I was able to quickly do my checks and set up.

I had visited the Downs hundreds of times when I lived in Luton, and even worked there for a period. I had seen blizzards up there, leant into the wind, flown a kite, followed ancient maps, and studied the archaeology of the area. I had even cycled down that slope many moons ago, and was rewarded with a spectacular tumble that resulted in a grazed knee and elbow! I was lucky it wasn’t worse!

There is said to be a Roman temple up there that was dedicated to Jupiter. The Icknield Way, which was a broad network of lanes with lower winter routes and higher summer routes, was perhaps used for pasturing sheep on the higher grounds during the summer months. There are also some deep hollow ways traversing the Downs to the foot of nearby Bison Hill, which are ancient to say the least!

On the far side of Pascombe Pit, (shown under the “D” of “Dunstable” on the video thumbnail) is the Five Knolls Barrow complex, as noted by 18th century antiquarian William Stewkley and investigated by Worthington Smith, who lived in Dunstable for a while and famously excavated by Mortimer Wheeler. There were some impressive finds (Google it, or ask an AI!).

The famous California Ballroom used to be situated on the road leading up the hill. I have seen so many bands there, and it was legendary for coach outings from far afield. Sadly, it’s gone now. We used to catch the bus from Stopsley directly to “California” (as the area of the ballroom became known). We would start by drinking a pint or two from the 60s art extravaganza “The Windsock” – a pub – an innovative “wonk” structure set on tripodic leg mounts with a seemingly curvy boat-like design. It was only standing for a decade or so before it was certified as “unsafe” and eventually demolished!

This area and landscape feature was a definitive corner of England, with Dunstable being an important geographically central crossroads of middle England. The ancient Icknield Way crosses the Roman Watling Street here, which was one of the four major Roman British roads. So all in all, after three years, we return to eastern England to the point where east turns into the midlands and home counties, and the visage towards the west. To me, Dunstable and the Downs meant there was hope from the drudgery of living in a claustrophobic busy urban conurbation.

In all the times I ever visited the Downs, I had never witnessed such an event as I did on this occasion. We had not planned to visit the Downs that day; it was a “spontaneous” moment! I hope you enjoy the video!

Scenery shot by drone in 4k Ultra HD with ambiosonic immersive sound. Best experienced on a large screen with Dolby Atmos. Music “Arise Pascombe” by Nostramus Please ‘Like’ Subscribe’, ‘Comment Below’ or click the ‘Bell notification icon’ to be informed when we post the next video. You can help me out by buying my sound creations here… https://nostramus.bandcamp.com/ If you would like to help me out with a donation please head over and make your PayPal payment to paypal.me/dronescapingbritain

“Mabinogia” 11 track video

Mabinogia : A Cinematic and Musical Journey through West Wales

It’s been a challenging year, with the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis weighing on our minds. But despite the hardships, I’ve continued to create the things I love, including short drone-based videos and music.

It’s been too much to keep up with writing and publishing blog posts while I’m also busy creating content. But I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce my new album, Mabinogia V1, which is a soundtrack to my drone footage of West Wales.

The album was inspired by the beauty and wonder of West Wales, the rich history and culture of the region, and the stories told in the Mabinogi tales. I’ve tried to capture the essence of this magical place in my music, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Every track on the album was composed directly from my drone footage. I would watch the footage over and over again, letting the images and sounds inspire me musically. I wanted to create music that would complement the visuals and help to tell the story of West Wales.

I’m still learning the ropes of filmmaking, but I’m excited to share my progress with you. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a film about hillforts in West Wales, and I’ll be sharing more news about that soon.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll take some time to relax and enjoy Mabinogia V1. Find a comfortable chair, set up a large screen and some good speakers, and press play. And if you enjoy the experience, the soundtrack is available in a narrative form on Bandcamp and all major streaming services.

Pen-Clawdd-Mawr Hillfort

Tranquil Drone Flight around Pen-Clawdd-Mawr Hillfort and beautiful scenery nr Talsan in West Wales

Tranquil Drone Flight around Pen-Clawdd-Mawr Hillfort and beautiful scenery nr Talsan in West Wales

WA2363: Pen Clawdd-Mawr.

Back in April I went out to investigate a series of overlooking Hillforts dotted along the Aeron valley in West Wales.

Not much is known about these ‘Pen Y Gear’s’, research has been minimal but they took up prominent defensive positions along the valley. Each fort was within a couple of miles of the neighbour and most look to have somehow artificially flattened the prominences , before constructing huge banks and ditches in defensive patterns. Maybe these were then topped with huge dry stone walls. Where they really defensive forts? Probably the smaller ones where fortified farmsteads perhaps for larger family farming groups, hunkered down together in a period of danger but usually living and farming the surrounding land.

Today not much is left of the Great Headland Bank as the name translates. Sheep as always are left to graze peacefully atop the green meadows that used to house the Iron Age community that once lived there. The village of Talsarn can be seen across the valley about a mile to the north and it is situated below the peak of TryChrug (343 Metres). Lower on the flank of the summit to the left is an ominous looking spur, this too is a Hillfort, we shall travel there soon. In spring on a sunny day the Aeron Valley is stunningly beautiful and the county of Ceredigion as a whole is one of the most sparsely populated areas in the whole of mainland Britain. ‘Aeron’ itself translates as ‘Berries’ in this case probably Blackberries as they can still be found all over.

Music, a newbie from Nostramus, seemed to fit the mood of the flight. So new is this track that for the time being I will call it “Pen-Clawdd-Mawr” Hope you like it!