Diamond Seeds DS-NS-004 : Single available Bandcamp and CD Baby
Continuing the theme from "Multiversal" here the work is played out to Helen J Street's lucid and phantasmagoric poem "The Crystalwytch" which is whispered as in the breeze on a moonlit night. The 'Crystalwych" could be described as analogous to a night time version of the 'Green Man' of the woods or a Druidic gathering in the Grove. Riding a chariot with seven jewel incrusted horses into the white marbled and sparkling heavens. A pagan allegory for what in realty is yet another alternative universe or simply a gentle attempt at autonomous sensory meridian response? In the poem things might not be the way they seem to be, the 'Crystalwych' may actually be a visitor from the other and the chariot and seven horses a craft sent from a far distant but mourned future. Who knows?
Moving on from the previous single 'Multiversal' I now re-enter the world of ambient and jazz flavoured drum and bass. I am not sure whether or not this would make a hard core floor filler, rather than attempting a mesmerising transcendent auditory meditation, or perhaps better still both. I have sat here with this song playing back in a loop and have been absolutely tripped out on it, of course I would say that but hopefully this will work the same way for at least some of you.
I am much indebted and would like to thank Ella Jo for her input here, for her whispered oratory. Also Tony "Redfish" Gee once more for his magnificent and succinct trumpet playing.
Tony recorded his trumpet remotely and I felt as always, quite confident that he would deliver. As a scientist in his day time job, he has that heightened empathy and love for the great British eccentricity that makes for a true thinking-outside-of-the-box, musician. Hopefully there will be much more "Redfish" collaborations in the future.
I enjoyed playing electric piano on this, which is how the idea kicked off. I laid down the chord progressions and then played a lead pattern over the top of the chords. The overall effect I was looking towards was 'soft' and 'jazzy' although I would be the first to admit that I am simply not good enough to play 'proper jazz'. I do go for the mood that works and once I obtain something like the desired performance, I record it warts and all. I then refine and edit it into place.