Death So Fatal – UK Decay

Yak Records ‎– DKCD1, CD Album

UK Decay (From 1979 "Split Single"), Christian Disguise(1979 Demo), Sexual (Peel Session), Rising From The Dread (Peel Session), Carcrash (Live), Portrait (Live), The Black Cat (Live), Duel (Peel Session), Stagestruck (Peel Session), Last In The House Of Flames (Peel Session), Dorian (From "For Madmen Only"), For My Country 92, Twist In The Tale 92, Barbarian (2004 Remix) Remix – Spon.  Released 2007.

A collection of early singles, Peel Sessions and rare tracks by UK Decay. Credits include, songwriting, arranging, performance, recording, mixing, production, compilation and mastering. Recorded at 33 Studio Luton 1992 and various other studios and Live locations and mixed & mastered at my studio in Luton in 2007.