Doomsday Dot Com – Nostramus

Diamond Seeds DS-NS-002, CD Album

Doomsday Dot Com, Strange Pursuit, Hero of Bamboo Stick, Wow! Interesting, Dannay-Ting, We Do What Do We, The Dark Dayz, Lights Out!, The Goat, Duel-Battle of the Elements (UK Decay re-mix), The Facts Dont Matter Anymore, He Who Dares Wins (Ella Jo re-mix). Released 2011.

Breakbeat, Dub Techno, Abstract, Drum n Bass. Although two other Nostramus concept compilations were released in the early noughties, I regard this as Nostramus's official follow up album to Earthlights. With Hero Of Bamboostick included and with a satirical look toward the hysteria of 2012 and beyond into the twenty first century. I went to town researching open source samples that define the moods of the times and integrated into soundscaped rhythms, but admittedly it's harsher and angrier than pre 9/11 Earthlights but maybe with more humour than Bomb Babylon.Credits include research, collating, songwriting, sound design, arranging, performance, recording, mixing, production and mastering. Recorded at my home studio 2010 - 2011.