Ecstacy From A Forbidden Planet – Malachite

White Label, 12"

Ecstasy From A Forbidden Planet,  Rhythm In Free Flight.  Released 1990.

The late Jeff 'Hamilton' Gittings and Red Dawn. Jeff booked a weekend session at the 33 Studio and weekend meant entire weekend, 24/7! He said he would "make it worthwhile" We took a break in the small hours of the Sunday and took a drive in his Range Rover across off-road byways in the nearby Chiltern Hills as the Sun was rising, playing out the work in progress track. This gave an 'out of the box' vision for the work and we were soon back in the studio tweaking. We worked on the then new funky drummer sample with echo and other novel effects and a deep and low bassline from my Juno 106. We were all very pleased with the result but Jeff had real trouble marketing it as it was way ahead of it's time.