Emerald – Nostramus

Hypnogogia Records - GOG 1201, 12" EP Comp

Unique track submitted to a 4 track EP. Emerald. Released 1997.

Latin Drum and Bass.  Credits include songwriting, sound design, arranging, performance, recording, mixing and production. Recorded at the 33 Studio, Luton in 1997.  The Hypnogogia Collective of artists, musicians and other creatives showcase EP.  I submitted this track warts and all because it was a dance-hall killer when played out live at Hypnogogia's party's. After several failed attempts of remixing this to correct some sampler steal off, I let the original 'quick mix' go because it had a certain warmth and depth to it's sound. Lesson; be wary of sterilising the essence out of a mix!