Hero Of Bamboostick – Nostramus

Jolt Records, JOLT001. White label 12″ single

Hero Of Bamboo-stick - Nostramus with Mention and Golden Child. Released 2003.

Ninja Drum and Bass. A weird year spent working in an Elstree studio as part of the Jolt Records team. On their books were a couple of Mc's; Mention and Golden Child - I played them a track I was working on, they loved it and put to work writing some lyrics. Their tome suited perfectly the martial art ninja samples I had in place and soon I was building up a number of mixes. Jolt immediately seized the result and penned it for their first release.Credits include songwriting, sound design, arranging, performance, recording, mixing and production. Recorded at the Jolt Studio, Elstree, 2003.