Marley Shakedown Groove Deluxe

Edel Records ‎– 0131052 ERE CD Comp

Kaya (Groove DeLuxe Remix), African Herbsman (Groove DeLuxe Remix), Small Axe (Groove DeLuxe Remix), Keep On Movin' (Groove DeLuxe Remix), Satisfy My Soul (Groove DeLuxe Remix), Bend Down Low (Groove DeLuxe Remix). Released 2001.

Bob Marley Re-mixes as part of  Groove Deluxe. One day whilst working at Groove Deluxe's studio in Fulham , a guy walked into the studio and announced himself as Danny - Bob Marley's manager previous to the Chris Blackwell - Island Records period. He had with him a number of old master tapes which he said he still had the rights to and offered Darren and Paul a deal to remix a few of them. I tried to persuade the guys to go for the split cash up front option rather than points, but they would have none of it, opting instead for a higher point percentage! The result was that we spent most of the year 2000 working on the material building up the mixes but once the cash flow problem kicked in, I could no longer afford the travel to the Fulham studios and had to seek employment elsewhere. I lost touch with Groove Deluxe whom later finished the project. I ended up well out of pocket (2 - 3k at the least) and heard conflicting stories that the project was frozen because of rights issues. Recently, I found out the project did in fact complete in 2001. Lesson; keep your head and go for the upfront money and a shared point system if you can! Credits include, sound design, arrangement, programming, mixing and co-production as part of the Groove Deluxe team. Recorded 2000 Fulham.