Almost Anglo Saxon – Ella Jo

Diamond Seeds - Release, 2014 DSEJ004

Swirling and Whirling, The Hidden Hoard, Ethelred The Unready Blues, Minstrel Song, Wassail The Night With Mead, Ballard of St Marrgaret, Vortigerns Surprise, Through The Eyes Of An Eagle, The Song Of Wayland Smithy and Dragon Ships.

A new album by Ella Jo, this time with Anglo Saxon influenced themes. Produced by EJ and Steve Spon, featuring Mel Rogers from Tarantism on Flute, Steve Kerr on Guitar, Ed Branch from UK Decay on Bass, Steve Spon also from UK Decay on guitar and piano and Fiddlin Flick on violin.
Folk lore, Myths and Stories from a thousand years ago, beautifully crafted into songs, sounds and sung by Ella Jo

Recorded , composed, co-produced, Performance on guitar and Keyboards and mixed and mastered.