Wonderful Town

Wonderful Town EP Limited Edition (Vinyl)UKDEC 1885
Wonderful Town EP Limited Edition CD
Wonderful Town EP Digital Download

Hatters Hatters, Wonderful Town (Club Version), Wonderful Town, Bring Me Sunshine.

This project was in aid of supporting UK Decay's home town of Luton. For UK Decay it was a divergence to their normal style. The proceeds went to Luton Food Bank and SOLYD both charity groups helping the local community. The record ended up earning nearly £7000.00 for the above mentioned charities and was featured and mascot-ed by Luton Town Football Club who's players signed a multitude of copies.

My job was to recreate the music and work out the arrangements for Hatters Hatters and Bring Me Sunshine - Eric Morecombe's and Ernie Wise's theme tune. So I 'punk-ed' them out accordingly. Then liaised and co produced with UK Decay and Justin Saban at Latent Lemon Studios. Oh and I played guitars!