Dark Ambience THC – Nostramus

Diamond Seeds DS-THC-001, CD Album

Pieces of Grail movement one, The Unfoldment, Beyond Your Judgement, Pieces of Grail movement two, A New Person Is Born, House Of The Big Eye, Pre-Prequiem Mass, The Aether and the Pendulum, Eyes In The Dark, Pieces of Grail movement three. The Dark Matters, The Haunted Church, It's Not Real Grief, Don't Go Out Into The Fog, Pieces of Grail movement four, The Gates, Brief Instance Of Pleasure. Released 2010.

Psychotropic-fuelled Enhanced Dark Ambience, a Nostramus - Spin-off project performed by my alter ego THC (The Hidden Core). A collection of sublime atmosphere's  and sound-scapes I had hidden in my locker over the years. Elements from earlier periods, notably The Big Eye and early Nostramus period, some of the collection taken from two mixtapes I put together in 1995 titled THC One and THC Two. Not an album you would play on your own, in the dark in a lonely forest! I designed the artwork as well. Credits include songwriting, sound design, arranging, performance, recording, mixing and production. Originally recorded at the 33 Studio, Luton in the mid 90's and then recompiled, tweaked and mastered at my home studio in 2010.