Earthlights Remastered – Nostramus

Diamond Seeds ‎– DS-NS-001, CD Album

Babel, Let's Fuck It Up, The Oohs, Dark Jewel, Earthlight, Interplanetary Bass, Mystic Drum And Space, Live 'N' Direc, Flashbacks, A Force As Yet Unknown. Released 2009.

A remastered version of my Nostramus Earthlights solo album, first released in 1997. I re-tweaked some of the material and added some extra samples. The aim being to bring the material up to modern sound standards and with a hope that I actually might earn something for future sales! I created the cover artwork as well. Guests include Prince Malachi, Caroline Nische, MC 13, Derek Smith. Credits include songwriting, sound design, arranging, performance, recording, mixing and production. Originally recorded at the 33 Studio, Luton in 1996 and then recompiled, tweaked and mastered at my home studio in 2009.