For Madmen Only CD – UK Decay

UK Decay Records ‎– UKDEC001

Werewolf, Jerusalem Over (The White Cliffs Of Dover), Rising From The Dead, Testament, Duel, Battle Of The Elements, Shattered, Stage Struck, Last In The House Of Flames, Unexpected Guest, Sexual, Dorian, Decadence, Mayday Malady, For Madmen Only, Barbarian, Black Cat, Unwind, For My Country. Released 2009.

For Madmen Only - Extended version - UK Decay's classic album augmented with singles and the Rising From The Dread EP. It took a few years of negotiating to get access to the master tapes for this but once we had the go ahead I set to work compiling and mastering this collection. Credits include songwriting, sound design, programming arranging, performance, recording, mixing and production. Compiled and mastered at my home studio in Luton in 2008-9.