Aberystwyth to New Quay at 200mph along the Coast Road

Mission 5 of our dashcam journey through the Wales countryside.

Mission 5 of our dashcam journey through the West Wales countryside.

This time we are heading from Penparcau in Aberystwyth to New Quay along the A487 west coast road, a distance of 22 Miles (35 Kilometres).

According to Bing Maps that journey would normally take 39 minutes as there are numerous hills to navigate along with a host of villages and small towns that have speed limits. Today for this video we have reduced the journey time to 9 minutes by speeding up the video 4 times, which means our journey speed varies from 80 MPH to well over 200 MPH at times depending on speed and safety considerations. The average speed turns out to be 163 MPH…phew!

At no point in the real time journey was the legal speed limit broken and road safety was at all times the primary consideration This road is known and used by many who travel to West Wales on summer vacations and it has some spectacular views of Cardigan Bay and the mountains of Cadair Idris and Snowdonia. On clear days the mountains of the Lleyn Peninsular can be seen marching out to Sea to the North West. Also to the south on a clear day the distant Mynydd Preseli mountains can be seen.

So please buckle up your seat belts, turn up your sound, put your feet up and enjoy the journey. Yet again there are brand new sounds from Steve Spon’s Nostramus, this time there are three movements, “Temporeral”, “Levelling Up” and “Disshevelance”. Big thanks once more to Ella Jo’s wonderfull contribution on “Levelling Up” Please bear in mind these videos are meant for adults rather than kids to enjoy. This has to be defined by Youtube these days, whhich have a much stricter set of protocol’s to navigate if the video involves entertaining kids. In this video please be aware there is some “Explicate Content” in the words. Big thanks to Shaman Murphy and Ella Jo for company on the trips Please check back later for further dashcam journeys! we are going to journey further into the Cambrian Mountains as soon as we get a few good clear days….

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