Drone footage of Henfynyw Church

The birthplace of St David the patron saint of Wales nr Aberaeron?
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Drone footage of Henfynyw Church Deicated to St David

Is this really the birthplace of St David the patron Saint of Wales?
Actually nobody really knows for sure, but it seems he grew up here.

Today another Church, a very special Church in Cymru for it is dedicated to St Dewi (St David) This church, once the site of a monastery, is identified in the earliest Life of St David as the scene of the infancy and early education of St David (Dewi Sant), the patron saint of Wales. By the twelfth century, Henfynyw church was dedicated to St. David, and early Christian lore had it that Henfynyw was the place where St David had spent some of his early years. For instance, the ‘Holy Bard of Brecon’ (Gwynfardd Brycheiniog, flourished 1176 AD) drew on this lore, when he included Henfynyw church in a poem. His “Ode to St David” listed the places in Wales that were then closely associated with St. David…

“And fair Henfynyw, by the side of the glen of Aeron, Fields prolific in clover, and woods full of wealth.”

The name Hênfynyw signifies literally ‘Old Menevia’ and there is a tradition that the cathedral of St. David’s was originally designed to have been erected here. Near the church is a spring, still called Fynnon Ddewi, or ‘St. David’s Well’ and this parish is distinguished as the place where that saint was brought up from his infancy. There is a pond to the south of the church, could this be “Fynnon Ddewi” as mentioned above? http://www.aberaeronparish.org.uk/Hen…

Music once again by Nostramus and is written and conceived by myself, Steve Spon and is a clip from a forthcoming piece which I have tentatively called “Genus Loci”

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