New Quay Harbour and Quay

New Quay Drone Flight around Town Harbour and Quay
New Quay Part Two of Three

New Quay Drone Flight around Town Harbour and Quay

New Quay New Quay Part Two of Three

For this flight I called up Jon Murphy to aid spotting ‘Buzby’ my Mini 2 Drone as she flew around the Quay side, then over the harbour, returning along the beach or ‘Traeth’ as it is known in Welsh. New Quay’s correct Welsh name is ‘Ceinewydd’ which breaks down to ‘Cei’ = Quay and ‘Newydd’ = New.

The Quay is a popular hang out on nice days with many day trips available to book to tour up and down the coast but also to visit the wildlife including Dolphin’s and Porpoise’s which visit the area from time to time.

On this day the Sea was relatively calm, the flotilla of boats had moved out of the safety of the immediate harbour. Some of these boats are pleasure craft but others are fishing boats collecting fish for the nearby Fish Processing plant under the Headland. This plant tips back some of the fishy waste into the Sea which attracts the Dolphins and other wildlife. I had recently had a mishap with my drone and dropped it whilst getting out of the car, which upset the gimbal so it would no longer keep the horizon level. I had to consult the manufacturers for repair under my insurance policy. They returned a brand new drone and this was my first flight with this drone. There are a myriad of settings within the App that controls the drone and I hadn’t quite got them all set right again so my footage contained a lot of jerky movements and swift turning which for this film I had to edit out.

One passage flying along the Quay itself was so slow I ended speeding it up! So please forgive the old silent movies treatment effect, we thought it amusing, never let it be said that we don’t include humour. You can just see Jon and I as ‘Buzby’ fly’s over the Quay at the end. Music another clip from a new track called “Apogee” don’t ask~ I dare say a forthcoming presentation for release. Probably in a more developed form but we liked the way it floats over the footage.

One other part to the “New Quay” story will be posted shortly before we move on to other locations.