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The New Quay Stone Circle?

New-Quay-Headland and Stone Circle in Wales Cinematic Mini 2 footage
New Quay Part One of Three

New-Quay-Headland and Stone Circle in Wales Cinematic Mini 2 footage


Not many people realize that there is a Stone Circle atop the New Quay Headland in Wales. This headland is an iconic feature on the coastal landscape and can be seen for dozens of miles along the coast.

Save for the odd coastal path wanderers and the farmer who works this field pretty much no one knows of this circle’s existence.

The day I took this footage, it was evening and the light was falling by the minute. The clifftop is rather a stiff climb, you certainly know it once at the top. After I got my breath back I found a suitable spot on the coast path and in the half hour or so I was flying , not a soul passed me I had the cliff top to myself and er the cows happily munching the grass. At first I didn’t see the circle, I had no idea of it’s existence and it is not noted in the Megalithic Portal or Julian Cope’s Modern Antiquarian. Looking at the circle it is too perfect and to me disappointingly but nonetheless the location and the spirit of place the ‘Genus Loci’ made it seem more than befitting that this headland needed a ‘crown’ of a stone circle. I guess someone in the recent past “made it so”

I only saw the circle while heading back from peering high over New Quay, it was only later that I realized that I was filming in 1080p rather than 4K. I often send ‘Buzby’ out and film in 1080p to reconnoitre first before switching to 4K to film a cinematic move. But the light was dropping fast, it was freezing cold (In May for goodness sake) . I had my second jab that day and although the side effects were no where nearly as bad as my first jab, I really felt the cold. So after this shot I headed back down the cliff and headed home. New Quay Part Two and Three will be based down by the ‘New’ Quay. I hope to release these over the next few days. The music is a clip from a little sonnet called ‘La Rogue Batterie’ set to an off space bass rhythm and a mood that expresses timelessness. Written and produced by Steve Spon for Nostramus, no doubt a sketch from a forthcoming release.