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Llangrannog – Cilborth Beach, Carreg Bica.

Drone Footage of Llangrannog – Cilborth Beach in the Sun featuring Carreg Bica a Cinematic Shamble.

Llangrannog – Cilborth Beach in the Sun featuring Carreg Bica.

A short movie of Cinematic 4K footage of spectacular scenery, involving fly rounds and other neat cinematic moves. Not necessarily in this case Hillforts or Cairns, Stone Circles etc but features within the landscape that exude a sense of ‘Genus Loci’ ~ the spirit of place. In other words very special locations that mean things to aeons of humanity and somehow give off a vibe to those sensitive enough to feel it.

Today we are flying down, down from high above from a cliff top path, I had to remind myself not to step backwards here. The tide was halfway which was enough to separate the conjoined beaches of Llangrannog and Cilborth which are joined at low tide. This is one of West Wales most iconic holiday locations, a secret best kept that is not known to many. A gem of a location with a village straddled from high down to the beach with gushing waterfalls. On The headland promontory behind is Lochtyn with an Island that again is joined to the mainland at low tide. The flat top of the headland belies an ancient Hillfort , in my opinion the summit looks flattened by our ancestors and they then built up massive banks and ditches to protect themselves from Sea and land based invaders. It’s some 500 feet above the waves. From here there occasionally can be seen Seals Dolphins and Porpoises and kind of exotic Sea bird life.

Please correct me if I am wrong but as we descend down the cliff in the earlier scenes, we can witness Sand Martins ducking in and out of their nests on the cliff side. The first beaches we visit are empty the tide is coming in and folk are urged to be mindful of the tides as they can get cut off at high tide. There are footprints that betray recent human activity. I guess the New Quay Lifeboat must occasionally get called out here to rescue folk that didn’t make the tide. As we round Cilborth beach where we witness human and canine activity, there is a rock formation called ‘Carreg Bica’ which has connotations with a local legend.

“The rock is the source of a legend that says that a giant once suffered from toothache and ripped out the offending tooth and tossed it on the ground. The rock is said to be the result of the tooth, calcified over the ages. “

The soundtrack is ‘Transversal’ by Nostramus which is an early shorter mix before the arrival of the great horned god ~ Pan, of a EP released named “Pan ~ Transversal” recently by Nostramus at Bandcamp https://nostramus.bandcamp.com/track/…

Castell Bach and Morfa Cove

Rugged Coast Cliffs and Islands Cinematic Drone Footage

All of these movies are best played back on full 4k HD screens with a good quality sound.

Rugged Coast Cliffs and Islands Cinematic Drone Footage

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Today we brave the rugged coast of Ceredigion deep within mythical Mabinogia (West Wales)

We fly ‘Buzby’ our DJi Mini 2 high over Carreg Y Ty which I think translates as The House Of Stone ~ the small Island we fly around which today is home to Sea Birds and the occasional Seal.
The tide is in below. When the tide is out and on a fine day this Island can be reached by boat or by a scramble over the rocks and the explorer is then rewarded by visiting the cave that runs right through the middle of Carreg Y Ty.
This place is paradise on a sunny day at low tide, with the only safe way of reaching this beach is by boat. Although for the braver and arguably foolhardy folk there is a steep more or less mountain rock climb down to the Traeth (Beach). Honestly folk rightfully love Devon and Cornwall or perhaps in Wales, Pembrokeshire or the mountain parks but this area is full of hidden gems like this secret Beach. There is actually some people enjoying their solitude on this remote Beach, perhaps blissfully unaware of ‘Buzby’ flying high above. I find it is hard to hear the drone when on a Beach as the sound is masked by the crashing waves.
Our flight approaches the beautiful seaside village of Llangrannog with its enigmatic ‘Lochtyn Island’ and Hillfort situated behind. I must admit to being somewhat nervous of flying over the Sea it was very windy that day and the drone’s gimbal which keeps the horizon level was struggling. I had to edit out some dreadful gimbal slips but on this day the light was perfect and anyone who knows this area will tell you that sunny, windless days on the coast are often rare outside the summer months but it had to be done the gorse was in bloom and the bracken and heather were in deep shades of colour. I will return at another season.
Note the winding coast paths Oh and yet another Iron Age Hillfort called ‘Castell Bach’ perched on the cliffs slowly crumbling into the Sea 400 foot below. This is hard to see, see if you can spot it. Also you can just spot the two Standing Stones within the field of grazing Cows.

The music is written by Steve Spon for Nostramus The track is called ‘Port Sian’ and is a new remix of that track from a forthcoming Nostramus release later this Spring.

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