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St Nons Bay, Pemrokeshire

A 4 k Mini 2 drone flight over cliffs and shores around St Nons Chapel, St Davids in St Brides Bay

The golden hour at St Nons in St Brides Bay

Today we are in Saint Brides Bay , Pembrokeshire, nearly as far west as it can be in Wales. We are at the location of a ruined ancient Chapel dating to the 6th century also associated with Saint David, the patron Saint of Wales. This is located on the north side of St Brides Bay approximately a mile south of the City of St Davids. There are standing stones and a grotto nearby to the ruins, up the hill is another existent Chapel outside a large dwelling which I have reason to believe is a religious retreat and my what a place to chill out!

The cliffs round here while not being exceptionally high are non the less spectacular in geological and indeed artistic terms. During the second covid summer the so called ‘staycation’ holiday makers arrive wherever the local Farmers can get permission to open up for camping. This footage was taken on spring bank holiday weekend after an exceptionally cold and long winter and spring during 2021 .

This was the first proper summer like weekend of 2021 and this part of the world was literally gridlocked with holidaymakers. There are some interesting and colourful rocks formations in those cliffs and the footage you can see almost the entirety of the wonderful St Brides Bay in Pembrokeshire. there are some peculiar shaped field boundary hedges, if anyone has a clue why that should be, please let us know and comment.